Info for Glaziers

What is a Glazier

A Glazier measures, handles, cuts, prepares, installs and repairs all types of glass, mirrors and glass substitutes, typically in buildings or on the exterior walls of buildings. Glazier is a nationally designated trade under the Inter-provincial Red Seal program. When Glaziers are working on commercial buildings, they are often involved in the layout, preparation, fabrication and replacement of architectural metal components like storefront systems, entranceways, windows, skylights and curtainwall systems. When they work on commercial buildings they can be expected to work from scaffolds to manoeuvre glass panels lifted to them by cranes.

While there are a number of Glaziers working in building construction and renovation projects, there are many others who replace windows and windshields in vehicles and install skylights and special glass in churches, museums and other establishments. Glaziers are now becoming involved in manufacturing furniture, display cabinets, bathroom fixtures and decorative windows. In other cases, they create custom-designed glass installations for residential and commercial use.

For a listing of companies involved in the industry, please view our Member Directory (FEN-BC website)

How to Launch Your Glazier Career

It's easier than ever to apprentice as a glazier in BC. Here is how you can enter this field:

  • Go directly to the job market
    Eager to work in glazing?  Find a job with an employer who is willing to participate in the Glazier Apprentice Training Program. Both you and the employer must be registered in this program. For more information on the process, please refer to the Industry Training Authority website.

    To find an employer:

    • Browse Job Postings for current apprentice opportunities
    • Contact FES-BC directly.
    • View a listing of FEN-BC members and contact companies of interest
    • Look in your local phone book
    • Ask family and friends

    If you are already working as a construction labourer or glazier assistant, ask about opportunities for advancement and apprenticeship. Many employers will prefer that you complete the 6 week pre-Employment Training module.
  • Secondary School Programs
    Still in high school?

    You can work towards graduation and get the glazing skills you need through the Access Accelerated Credit. Enrolment in the Industry Training (ACE-IT) or the Secondary School Apprenticeship Program (SSA). You can find a glazing employer who will hire you and register you as an apprentice. Talk to your teacher or school counselor about this direction.

After your Apprenticeship Training

Finished your apprenticeship training? Now you must pass the interprovincial exam to get your BC Certificate and Apprenticeship. BC Certificate of Qualification and the Interprovincial Standard Endorsement (ISE). The ISE allows you to work anywhere in Canada without writing further exams. Visit to find out more.

If you already have over 9600 hours of glazing experience or qualifications from another province, you may Challenge the Red Seal Exam for the necessary credentials.

Glazing is a nationally recognized trade under the Inter-provincial Red Seal Program. The means you become qualified to work anywhere in Canada.